Global High Technology Ltd., is the only authorised dealer of security products and services of CEIA S.p.A. of Italy in Macau S.A.R.

All products are shipped directly from the manufacturer's facility in Arezzo, Italy.

CEIA is a manufacturing company specialized in the design, engineering and production of Metal Detectors and Electromagnetic Inspection Devices.

Customers benefit from direct relationship with the manufacturer by receiving streamlined offers, best pricing and approved installation and maintenance services


Hand Held Metal Detectors combine high reliability and ergonomics with advanced detection and operator signalling features. 

Effective sensitivity to all metals, full compliance with the latest Security Standards and high immunity to external metal masses are among the main features of hand-held devices


Security locks from B&B Locks? You will find them everywhere: banks, post offices, prisons, airports, psychiatric hospitals, police buildings, museums, art galleries, jewellers... and our customer base keeps on expanding, with businesses, hotels, shops, offices, laboratories and apartment buildings increasingly choosing B&B Locks’ high quality electric locks


Security locks for all sectors

B&B High Security Locks video. Please contact us for futher details via contact form at the bottom of this page


Patented nano filters guarantee safe and healthy drinking water for personal use, mobile & portable apps and for house & home use.

We offer ecological, sustainable, economical water filter products for all potable or safe drinking water requirements: humanitarian missions, commercial use, personal and private use, military, AGRI, ... and for daily domestic use


This unique non-toxic, non-chemical disinfection system provides a highly effective, genuinely pH neutral, electrochemically active, metastable disinfectant without the use of toxic chemicals. The system eliminates pathogens such as bacteria, fungi, viruses and mono-cell algae, from main and drinking water and, crucially, also eradicates the biofilm that is commonly found in the piping of any material

EnOcean Smart Home Systems

Energy harvesting wireless sensor networks from EnOcean are the key to "intelligent green buildings"

  • Building automation reduces energy consumption and operating costs.Furthermore, it increases security and comfort
  • Wireless technology is essential to a flexible, efficient building automation at minimized installation time and system cost
  • Battery-less devices eliminate the need to monitor, replace and dispose of batteries. This saves maintenance cost and resources, particularly in large systems

Hot Water Systems

Energy-efficient hot water systems

  • Energy-efficient hot water generation using stratification charging technology in hot water tanks
  • Fresh water units for hygienic, legionella-free hot water generation
  • Solar heating

Radiant Heating and Cooling Systems

Uponor offers underfloor heating and cooling for every requirement – whether you are planning a new build or giving an old building an energy upgrade and are looking for efficient heating

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